Septic Tank Pumping

Don’t risk costly repairs from sewage backups or overflows. Get your septic tank pumped regularly.

Homeowners should have their septic tanks pumped about every four years

A septic system pumps solid and liquid waste from the house out into a drain field and underground septic tank, but it can only do so much before it needs to be pumped again.

Homeowners who ignore their septic systems for too long often find themselves in some pretty bad situations including sewage backup or even having their septic system overflow onto the ground.


When should I have my tank pumped?

  • Depending on the size of your household, wastewater volume, and volume of solids that go down your drain, you may need your septic tank pumped more regularly.
  • Generally, homes with septic tanks in Durango need pumping every 3-4 years.

Tips for maintaining your septic system

  • Reduce water usage
  • Avoid flushing solid wastes down your drain
  • Make sure rainwater drains away from your drain field
  • Don’t put chemicals down the drain, even commercial septic tank additives can do more harm than good.

Get your septic tank pumped and inspected regularly

Don’t risk having wastewater in your yard or thousands of dollars in repairs.

Sign up for regular affordable septic tank pumping.

We have been pumping septic systems in Durango for over 60 years. Contact us today to get a free estimate.


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“Very quick to come out and they were done equally quick with the septic pump. Love it when a company is mindful of the dogs too! A lot more affordable than we expected.”

Laurie and Dan Parkinson

As a realtor, many of my clients and I use Ball Septic for property transactions including inspecting, pumping, repairing, and installing septic systems. I have worked with Ball Septic for over 12 years. Ball Septic’s exceptional communication and dependable service render it as a well-standing high-quality business in Southwest Colorado.

Justin Osborn

This is my second septic service with Ball. Steve came out and did some quick digging and revealed the caps and went right to work. Steve gave me some advice on modifications that could be made that would make servicing the septic system easier and save me money in the future. Steve was kind and courteous.

Darrell Robertson

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